Office Relocation

Office Relocations

Office relocations include everything from moving an executive to a different floor of a building, to moving entire corporate operations from one city to another. Regardless of the size and distance of the move, we at Oasis Moving Company are ready to satisfy all the needs of our customers as time-efficient and as cost-effective as possible.

  • Special Detailed Planning

Representative from Oasis Moving Company will collaborate with the managers of your business to establish a detailed moving plan. Every detail will be discussed. The exact floor plan of the new office will be created, including the employee names and exact locations of their new workstations and offices, as well as the exact locations of all of the stock, furnishings and equipment of your office.

  • Preparation Before Moving

Professional movers from Oasis Moving Company will help you pack and label all the stuff that needs to be moved. Packing materials from boxes to tape are supplied for your convenience. Blankets and shrink-wrap are provided to protect furnishings and equipment. Disassembling furnishings that necessitate disassembly.

  • Moving to the new location

At the new location, we will reconstruct the stock, furnishings and equipment to your standards.



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